403 Woods Lake Rd, Suite 100
Greenville, SC 29607

Spring Fever

It’s official! Spring is in the air in the Upstate—and it couldn’t have come soon enough. With parts of the country still buried under snow and ice, I’m so grateful for some warmer weather here in South Carolina. Yes, I realize that we may have a few more cooler days to get through before temperatures rise for good. Maybe I am being overly optimistic. But all it takes is a glimpse at Greenville’s events calendar to prove that spring is officially here!


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Downtown Developments Update

With more people working from home and less people out and about in general due to COVID-19, you may have not spent as much time in downtown Greenville as you used to. So great ready. The next time you find yourself on Main Street, you’ll likely see a few changes. Unsurprising news flash… Greenville is growing! Here is a quick rundown of a few of the developments that are reshaping the look of our city.


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