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Things You CAN Do in Greenville, SC

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s been easy to obsess over all the things we haven’t been able to do. But today, let’s refocus on all the things you and I CAN still do in Greenville, South Carolina.

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Instagram Roundup: How is Greenville social distancing?

Life looks very different these days with social distancing guidelines due to COVID-19. Still, some of the most heartening stories I’ve heard have come as a result of this pandemic. There were social distancing-approved Easter egg hunts. Neighbors have put teddy bears in their windows so local kids can go on a “bear hunt.” Teachers have gone above and beyond to support their students’ learning from home. All things considered, it feels like Greenville, SC, is embracing the positive sides of this very difficult, scary time.

Here’s a look through Instagram at some of the ways life is continuing as Greenville, SC, social distances for COVID-19.


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