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Easy Home Updates for Spring

With all of us practicing social distancing, it’s the perfect time to make some quick and easy updates to your home! It often doesn’t take much to make a big difference. Here are some ideas to get you in the spirit of spring—and to brighten up your home in the midst of this uncertain time.


Colorful Painted Wallpaper

Painted wallpaper is a great, updated alternative to traditional wallpaper. Local Greenville artist Marian Pouch has transformed rooms across the city with her bright, cheerful designs. Check out Marian’s work on Instagram here and on Facebook here.

Credit: Facebook, @Marianpouchart

Credit: Facebook, @Marianpouchart

Credit: Facebook, @Marianpouchart



New Plants and Fresh Flowers

Whether you plant a few new plants outside or pick up a fresh-cut arrangement for inside, flowers are one of my wife’s favorite spring-time additions to our home.

Credit: www.modern-glam.com

Credit: julieblanner.com


Choose a Lighter Color Palette

Nothing says spring quite like whites and pastels. Some easy ways to incorporate light colors into your home decor are with white picture frames, vases, pillows and throws.

Credit: arinsolangeathome.com

Credit: arinsolangeathome.com



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