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Five Places to Visit from “The New York Times”

Greenville, South Carolina, was recently featured in a piece by The New York Times. Find out what it had to say about our Upstate treasure in this week’s post.

In an August 16, 2019 article by Lindsey Tramuta, The New York Times listed five places everyone needs to visit in West Greenville. I have to admit… I haven’t been to some of these myself, despite living in the Upstate for years. But I am certainly going to correct that as soon as possible. Maybe I’ll even see you there.

As reported by Tramuta…

“Greenville, S.C., near the Blue Ridge Mountains, has emerged as a buzzy destination for the culinary and creative arts after years of economic growth and urban revitalization. One of the Upcountry city’s most intriguing areas is West Greenville, the former hub of the city’s textile production. In recent years, the enclave known as “The Village” of West Greenville has been transformed into an artistic and entrepreneurial district with an eclectic mix of small businesses.”

First on the list is West Greenville’s biggest cultural draw, the Center for Creative Arts. It includes an expansive gallery featuring work from on-site studio artists and regional talents, as well as permanent and temporary exhibits and events.

Greenville Center for Creative Arts / Credit: Kelly Blackmon for The New York Times

Also included in the article is The Village Grind, a four-year-old cafe with an intimate, rustic aesthetic that serves speciality coffee brewed from beans sourced from local roasters like Methodical and Due South Coffee.

The Village Grind / Credit: Kelly Blackmon for The New York Times

You’ll also want to check out Indigo Flow & Art, a hybrid yoga studio and art gallery with a philanthropic bent. It is run by Katie Hughes, a certified yoga instructor, and her artist mother, Julie Hughes. The art-focused section of the space features permanent collections by Ms. Hughes.

Indigo Flow & Art / Credit: Kelly Blackmon for The New York Times

Check out the full article and other places to explore in West Greenville here.

And if you would like more information about areas of the Upstate to explore, please let me know. I’ll be happy to show you around.

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