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Gardening: Now is the time!

One of the great things about living in South Carolina is the weather – and that means a relatively warm spring. If you’re planning to improve your home with some new flowers or a veggie garden this spring and summer, now is the time to get started!

If you’re anything like me, spring has sprung up on you. And now that the weather is warmer, you won’t want to wait much longer to get started in your garden.

Credit: Rodale's Organic Life

Credit: Rodale’s Organic Life

Annual Flowers

The warm days and cool nights we’re having right now are perfect for pansies and snapdragons, for example. If properly cared for, they can continue blooming well into the fall.

If you’re new to gardening, here’s a quick step-by-step guide to planting annual flowers from Home Depot:

  • Before buying any flowers, read the tags. Make sure you have a spot that can give them as much sun as they need.
  • Clear rocks, weeds and grass from the garden area.
  • Work lots of compost, peat moss or other organic matter into the soil.
  • Use a trowel to dig individual holes, or a shovel to dig a bed for a lot of plants.
  • Check the plant tags to see how far apart they need to be spaced.
  • Remove the plants from their pots and gently loosen the roots.
  • Plant the flowers at the same depth they were growing in their containers.
  • Replace the soil and gently firm it around the roots.
  • Water thoroughly and feed with a plant food blended for flowers.
  • Add 2-3” of mulch around the plants.


Likewise, vegetables can be planted outside once the soil warms to 60 degrees F during the day. You’ll want to give new seedlings fertilizer, and don’t forget to spread mulch to control weeds and conserve water.

Though suggestions vary depending on climate, here is a great gardening calendar from Listotic.com to help you plan your spring planting:

Credit: Listotic.com

Credit: Listotic.com

Credit: Consumer Crafts

Credit: Consumer Crafts

And if you like the idea of growing a few herbs indoors to keep in your kitchen, check out this great idea for a mason-jar herb garden from Consumer Crafts.

Happy planting!








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