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Gems from the City of Greenville

The City of Greenville does an excellent job of promoting the area to new families, businesses, and for public and private investment and partnerships. Here are two new resources from the city that are definitely worth checking out!



Downtown Reborn

The revitalization of Greenville’s Downtown started with a plan conceived back in 1968. This fantastic 50-year overview from the City of Greenville walks you through the transformation of the city at each stage, thanks to excellent urban planning, successful public/private partnerships, and public investment.

I highly recommend you check it out to find out more about how the Downtown we know and love came to be.



Explore Greenville

A new tool from the city’s Economic Development Department allows you to build a customized report with topics of particular interest to you, or you can select to view the complete report. Sections include transportation, energy and telecommunications, quality of life, education, healthcare, parks and recreation, arts and entertainment, business and innovation.

If you’re interested in moving to Greenville, SC or investing in the area, this one’s for you.

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