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If you haven’t heard about the city of Greenville’s comprehensive planning process, I invite you to check it out. This week’s post is a good place to start learning about GLV2040.

The city’s website points out that Greenville is located in one of the most rapidly growing areas of the United States, and its metro area is the fastest growing area in South Carolina. Change is going to happen whether we are ready for it or not!

That’s why the city is leading a process to develop a new comprehensive plan that will determine the course of Greenville for the next 20 years. It’s called GVL2040.


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This is an opportunity to reflect and take stock of the existing conditions and trends facing our community. It is a citywide conversation about change, focusing on where we are now and where we want to be in the next 20 years. All residents and business owners are encouraged to get involved in the process. Anyone who cares about the future of Greenville can contribute.


Credit: Facebook, Visit Greenville SC


With the community’s input and ideas, the result of GVL2040 will be a plan that will guide the long-term preservation, revitalization and growth of the city of Greenville. It will be a comprehensive plan that will help guide decision-making for years to come.

There are ongoing engagement opportunities through which you can help shape the vision of Greenville and make recommendations for its future. Sign up here to stay informed. 


Credit: Facebook, Visit Greenville SC


I am so proud to be a resident of the South Carolina Upstate. And I’m thankful for our outstanding leaders who truly care about the community’s input and who have the foresight to initiate things like GLV2040. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Greenville, South Carolina!


Source: https://www.greenvillesc.gov/1398/Comprehensive-Plan

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