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Greenville and the August 21st Eclipse

On August 21st, the moon’s shadow will block out the light from the sun – the eclipse that everyone’s talking about. And Greenville, South Carolina, is one of only a few U.S. cities to be in the “path of totality,” meaning we’ll experience total darkness in the middle of the day.

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On Aug. 21 the moon’s shadow will darken a path 35 to 71 miles wide from Oregon to South Carolina. For those in this path, it will be unlike anything they’ve ever seen – and that will include those in Greenville, South Carolina.

The last total eclipse of the sun over the United States was in 1979. But some are calling the eclipse of 2017 the “Great American Eclipse,” because the path of totality sweeps only over the United States and no other country. That’s never happened before.

Check out this map of the path:

Great American Eclipse.com

In Greenville, the eclipse will start at 2:38pm on August 21, 2017. According to www.whenisthenexteclipse.com …

“The center of Greenville, which is in the upstate region of South Carolina, gets 2 minutes, 10 seconds of Totality, and a short drive south down Interstate 85 and most of the way to Anderson will get you another 25 seconds or so of Totality — and that’s TOTALLY worth it. Besides, it would be wise to be mobile in this part of the Path of Totality because cloud is a frequent problem here during August.”

In Greenville, both the Roper Mountain Science Center and Bob Jones University are hosting eclipse observation events that will include hands-on science activities and telescopes with solar filters. The Daniel Observatory at the Roper Mountain Science Center holds the 8th largest refractor telescope in North America. Tickets for the event at the Roper Mountain Science Center on the 21st are $25 per person, but the event at Bob Jones University is free! The first 2,000 to check in at Bob Jones University will receive a free pair of solar eclipse glasses for viewing the sun safely.

So if you’re in Greenville or traveling here to witness this astronomical event for yourself, make it one for the memory books. Cross your fingers for clear skies – and remember, don’t look directly at the sun!


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