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Greenville, SC: Back to school!

Greenville County Schools start back on August 18th. Where has the summer gone? If you’re new to the Upstate or are considering moving to the area—and especially if you have children at home—you’ve probably already looked into Greenville County School District. In honor of our students going back to school in a few short weeks, this post takes a look at our county’s exceptional school system.


Photo credit: Facebook, Greenville County Schools

With more than 72,700 students and 9,500 total employees, Greenville County School District (GCSD) is the largest school district in the state of South Carolina and the 47th largest in the United States. It encompasses 101 schools and specialty and early education centers.

Despite its already large size, GCSD is continuing to expand to cater for the significant growth forecast for the Upstate. The long-range plan includes construction of additional schools to meet growth, renovation projects to extend the useful life of facilities, modifications to schools to accommodate growth and academic changes, and maintenance of facilities. Future planned projects include:

  • JL Mann High Academy Expansion: 2017-18
  • Sara Collins Elementary Expansion: 2017-18
  • Rudolph Gordon ES (Conversion to K-8): 2018-19
  • Fountain Inn High (New): 2021-22
Photo credit: Facebook, Greenville County Schools

Photo credit: Facebook, Greenville County Schools

One area that GCSD shines is its commitment to “school choice.” That means it offers schools of various sizes in various settings, as well as magnet schools that offer specializations in communications arts, languages, the arts, and science and mathematics. About 15% of the district’s students take advantage of school choice to match their needs and interests.


  • GCSD students’ average ACT College Entrance Test score of 22.0 consistently outscores the state (20.4) and national (21.0) averages.
  • GCSD students outscore their peers in the state on the SAT College Entrance Test with an average score of 1467 versus 1429 statewide.
  • 90% of GCSD graduates pursue higher education.
  • GCSD boasts 19 National Merit Scholarship Semifinalists (2014-15).
  • The GCSD graduation rate of 81.7% has increased 12.8% (9.3 percentage points) over two years.

To learn more about GCSD, click on the image below to watch an introductory video:

Video Greenville County Schools

If you would like to learn more about what Greenville County has to offer, please contact me. I’ll be happy to show you around.

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