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Greenville, SC: For the Entrepreneur

South Carolina is often recognized as one of the most conducive states for business, and the Upstate stands out as the state’s prime business community. Maybe it’s our tax incentives and overall quality of life. Or maybe it’s our location: along I-85 between Atlanta, Georgia, and Charlotte, North Carolina. Either way, businesses in the Upstate are thriving; here are some ideas why.

A few months ago, the financial advisory website NerdWallet.com published an article titled “Best Places to Start a Business in South Carolina.” Greenville, SC was second on the list, following only Seneca, SC, which is also located in the Upstate.

Photo credit: Facebook, Visit Greenville SC

Photo credit: Facebook, Visit Greenville SC

Here is what the article said about Greenville:

“The state’s sixth-largest city lands near the top of our list. With average revenue of $1,874,514, Greenville businesses make twice as much as the average business in South Carolina. In addition, a large percentage of Greenville businesses have paid employees. It is home to large corporations, such as General Electric and Lockheed, but the city is also just as friendly to existing and growing small businesses.”1

One reason why the South Carolina Upstate—including Greenville—is a great place to start a business is because of all the resources available to entrepreneurs here. Greenville’s Department of Economic Development and Chamber of Commerce are great places to start, as both provide incentives and resources to help new businesses get off the ground. In fact, small businesses (50 employees or less) make up over 85% of the Greenville Chamber’s membership.2

Another great resource is NEXT, a network of resources designed to attract and grow high-impact, knowledge-based companies in the Upstate. On NEXT’s website, entrepreneurs can access the entrepreneurial ecosystem and learn more about the many organizations that foster new business growth in the area, including:

SC Launch: A program that grows new technology companies in South Carolina and attracts existing companies to the state

Clemson University’s Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership: An educational and research program in entrepreneurship that aims to contribute to the economic development of the region, state, and nation

Greenville Area Development Corporation: An initiative of Greenville County Council that provides comprehensive resources and supports key initiatives to further the area’s economic growth

Finally, a statewide resource that is worth checking out is the “Starting A Business” section of sc.gov. Here, entrepreneurs can access resource guides, assistance with developing business plans, a site locator and information about financial assistance.

If you would like more information on Greenville’s business community, or if you are interested in relocating to the area, please contact me. I’d be happy to help.




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