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Greenville, SC: In the News

We had an “In the News” post not too long ago, but it’s time for another one yet again. People just won’t stop talking about Greenville, South Carolina – and I want to share with you what they’re saying! This week, find out why Greenville is a great place for live music and downtown shopping.


Credit: USA Today / Kris Decker, Firewater Photography

Credit: USA Today / Kris Decker, Firewater Photography

“10 great American shopping streets”

Greenville, South Carolina’s downtown was recently recognized by USA Today for its walkable downtown shopping district.

The article explains…

“Only a few years ago, cities were declaring their downtowns dead, victims of regional shopping malls, online retailers and suburban sprawl. But some urban shopping districts have come back big time.”

And that’s the case in Greenville! Of our Main Street, the article says…

“This once low-profile city has transformed itself with a downtown park, and the planting of thousands of trees over the decades …The street has 110 independent restaurants in a 1-mile stretch, and has become one of the best dining cities in the South. The addition of a downtown park, and a minor league baseball stadium keeps it bustling around the clock.”

Check out the full article here. 


Credit: iOnGreenville

Credit: iOnGreenville

“5 Off the Grid Venues for Live Music”

Most of Greenville’s notoriety has come from arts and restaurants, but our music scene is also worth mentioning, as this article from Off the Grid Greenville points out.

It says…

“There is a vibrant music scene here however, if you just take a moment to look. Talented musicians play original music in this town every night, and they are dying for you to come see them.”

The five “off the grid” venues highlighted in the article include Smileys Acoustic Café, Gottrocks, Independent Public Alehouse, The Radio Room, and The Spinning Jenny. Find out more about all of these venues in the full article here. 

And as a side note, if you’ve never checked out https://www.offthegridgreenville.com in general, I highly recommend it. It’s a visual guide to Greenville locals’ favorite food, drink, events, and people – and a great way to get to know the area a little better.

But if you’d like to see Greenville, South Carolina in person, please get in touch with me. I’ll be happy to show you around.





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