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Greenville, SC: IN THE NEWS

Happy New Year! I hope you and your family had a safe, joy-filled holiday season. I’m confident 2020 is going to be a big year for Greenville, South Carolina. As always, our city is making headlines and topping lists. Find out why…



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US Travel: 25 Best Places To Visit In 2020

Forbes.com included Greenville, South Carolina, in the article “US Travel: 25 Best Places To Visit In 2020,” in which travel writer Katie Jackson shared…

“What sets Greenville apart from other Southern cities is its backdrop: the Blue Ridge Mountains. The 22-mile Swamp Rabbit Trail and waterfalls cascading through downtown don’t hurt either. Falls Park on the Reedy is to Greenville what Central Park is to New York. Except Central Park doesn’t boast an awe-inspiring suspension bridge floating above landscaped gardens below. Greenville also has also award-winning performance venues, North America’s only BMW museum and the most dog-friendly downtown I’ve ever seen.”


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The Best Up-and-Coming Travel Destinations of 2020

Similarly, Greenville was featured in the Men’s Journal article “The Best Up-and-Coming Travel Destinations of 2020” for what the city has to look forward to in the coming months. Author Lindsay Lambert Day wrote…

“Greenville, South Carolina, is poised to become the South’s next ‘it’ city thanks to a number of new additions that are slated to arrive in 2020: the new $40 million, 60-acre Unity Park; two new mixed-use spaces, Poe West and Holland Park; and four new craft breweries that are scheduled to join the city’s existing 10 breweries in 2020 (the city was recently named the seventh-best city in the country for craft beer). Four old textile mills in the city are currently being renovated and will become mixed-use developments with retail, parks, public art, and more.”


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Our favorite food cities of the past decade

MatadorNetwork.com named Greenville in its article “Our favorite food cities of the past decade.” Senior staff writer Matt Meltzer shared…

“Greenville in the 2010s effectively redefined what it meant to have a small-city food scene. While this decade every city liked to boast about their ‘up-and-coming food scene,’ Greenville was the place that showed you don’t have to have a population in the millions — or even six figures — to have world-class restaurants … Now, this city of 68,000 gets mentioned in the same breath as major culinary cities, a testament to what a city can do when it makes an effort to attract creativity ahead of money.”


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