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Greenville: “South Carolina’s Rising Star”

Welcome to 2016! For my first post of the new year, I couldn’t help but share (i.e. boast) this National Geographic article about Greenville, South Carolina. If I say so for myself, we certainly deserve the recognition—and if you live in the area or have ever visited, I’m sure you agree.

 Following are excerpts from the article titled “Going Greenville: South Carolina’s Rising Star,” by writer Katie Knorovsky, which was published in “Beyond the Guidebook” on nationalgeographic.com on December 28, 2015. Enjoy!

National_Geographic_SocietyA colleague described the sunny hills of the surrounding countryside as the Tuscany of the South. A news article heralded a plan for an elevated public transportation system made up of Jetsons-esque pods. Fast Company magazine dubbed Greenville “the knowledge economy’s next big thing.” Billboards and radio ads parroted the city’s quirky tourism slogan: “Yeah, that Greenville.”

I needed to see for myself what was happening.

Photo credit: National Geographic, Jessica Sample

Photo credit: National Geographic, Jessica Sample

In a black-and-white sheath dress and sporting a pixie haircut, Cherington Love Shucker emanates the no-nonsense cool you’d expect from a former New Yorker. Then she breaks into a warm smile that’s unmistakably southern. We’re at the old Brandon Mill, in Greenville, in the northwestern corner of South Carolina.

“I love that my three-and-a-half-year-old daughter has a village that’s helping to raise her now,” says Shucker. “She remembers New York. I recently asked her, ‘Do you love living in Greenville?’ She said, ‘Yes, because I can take my shoes off and run in the grass.’”

I know the feeling. From its magnetic downtown to the visionary locals I’ve met at every turn, this place makes me want to kick off my heels and stay awhile, too.

Read Katie’s full article here. 

*Source: National Geographic, “Going Greenville: South Carolina’s Rising Star,” December 28, 2015


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