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A Behind the Scenes Look

By David Painter of Keller Williams Realty / July 11, 2014


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Part IV (Final)

Fifty Shades of RedDavid Painter HGTV House Hunters Greenville


Over the years, I have referred, only half-jokingly, to the early days of my career when, after countless and continued failures, I felt I may have been better off at the end of the grocery line asking, “Would you like paper or plastic, ma’am?” I learned though, it was from those many failures that I often found strength that helped guide me through many of life’s situations, which unfailingly arise. Now I was about to find myself relating to one of the greatest “noodle heads” of all time—Charlie Brown. A favorite line of his hovered in front of my eyes:

“In the Book of Life, the answers aren’t always in the back.”

Well, I was on the verge of discovering the profound impact of this truism.

The waiting game to hear back from my audition tape had begun. While I imagined all of the good fortune that may lay ahead, my anticipation grew. Over the course of a career, few could be so fortunate. I mean, who could have guessed this opportunity would fall in my lap?

It didn’t take long before the verdict was in—and it was good news! But wait, what’s that about “Be careful what you wish for?”  Little did I know this was the calm before the storm—a storm that was blowing my way, and fast.

It was Day One of my introduction to TV land’s special aura, but my “15 minutes” began with a resounding THUD!  The first five minutes of filming might possibly be one of the more humbling and embarrassing moments I can ever recall.

Let me explain:Batman

I arrived at the property and received a very brief introduction to what would happen from the HGTV crew. Then, they were ready to begin!

Lights, camera… Biff! Bop! Zap! Boom! Sock! Pow!!! 

A knockdown in the first round!  My newfound apperception for those who appear on camera was immediate.


We began the shoot with Scott, Misty, and I walking up the sidewalk. Scott remarked, “David, I just love the landscape of this home.”

My comeback, “Oh yes, I agree. From my understanding, it was designed by an architect.” There was an awkward pause and look of confusion on Scott’s face. What the heck did I just say…an architect? Brilliant! I realized what I had said, but the crew kept filming.

Filming HGTV House Hunters in Greenville SCAs we proceeded up the front steps, Scott asked: “David, I understand this home doesn’t have a pool, and you know that’s important to us. Is there a community pool?”

Einstein, you’re up again…  “Yes, there’s a community pool…there’s a pool, and …um-m-m…”


The carnival ride had just begun. Cue the music as the circus clown (me) goes up and down on the Merry-Go-Round. I could see a hint of amusement on Scott and Misty’s faces, but they were kind enough not to make a big deal out of it. The director said to take a few steps back and try again.


Scott began again. “So David…is there a community pool?”

Ready this time, I thought.

Scarecrow“Yes, there’s a community pool, there’s uh, uh…?”


My mind was whirling. “Earth to ‘tard, can’t you give the basic amenities of the community? What? Is your brain made of straw?” I began to sweat…I mean really sweat. In addition, a crowd was beginning to assemble in the cul-de-sac. Apparently, word had leaked out that HGTV was in Greenville. I began to feel the pressure ratcheting up a notch…or twelve.

“Let’s try one more time,” said the director. “A-n-d ACTION.”

“So David…does his community have a pool?”

I can do this. “Yes, Scott, it has a pool, tennis court, and uh-h-h…”

“Cut, let’s move it inside” said the director.  

Realtor Greenville SCFailure has a smell, a very distinct smell, and as the song goes (circa 1970’s), “there’s a dead skunk in the middle of the road and it’s stinkin to high heaven.”  I suppose anybody can pretend to be something for a while, but eventually the real person will surface. It was apparent I was totally out of my element.

Once inside, the director’s face had this bewildering look, as if to say I thought you said he’s an experienced realtor. It was like an episode straight from Gilligan’s Island: “Calm down buddy.”

Scott tried to throw me a life preserver when he said, “He’s aDavid Painter Keller Williams Greenville SC great Realtor. He’s just really nervous.” After a minute, as the director glanced from me to Scott and back to me, I was embarrassed to hear, “Let’s take five minutes. Get him some powder.” I distinctly heard a chuckle amongst the crew as I turned “50 Shades of Red.”


As I shuffled through my mind’s highlight reel of my most embarrassing moments, those humbling emotions from the early days of my real estate career came rushing back. I realized it is one thing to go about your normal day doing the job you love. It’s another thing entirely to act out the job you love with a camera crew following you around, filming your every move. My conceptions and perceptions of “television behind-the-scenes” were quickly tossed aside, replaced by a newfound appreciation of those on film.

David Painter with Devore Family


My time on TV taught me a lot, not only about how television filming really works but about life, too. Throughout your career sales transactions come and go, yet it’s the relationships you make that can last a lifetime. Sure, Scott and Misty found a wonderful home in a city they truly love, but more importantly I found lifelong friends who mean so much to me.

I understand now why the Book of Life does not always put the answers in the back. We’d miss out on so much.

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