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How do you know it’s time to move?

Pretty much all homeowners face the decision at some point: to move houses or to stay put. How do you know when it is the right time? In this blog post, I discuss a few different scenarios that might help make the decision a little easier.

Photo credit: www.trulia.com

Photo credit: www.trulia.com

Running Out of Space

This is a problem most of us can probably relate to. No matter how much storage exists, we always seem to find ways to fill it up! But if all your purging and de-cluttering efforts don’t seem to make a difference, it may legitimately be time to seek more square footage. Is your family growing? Is the bathroom line stretching down the hall? If you’ve got kids, you will want to think about spaces to accommodate them. Because as your kids grow into teenagers, they’re just going to take up more and more room.

Too Much Space

Have the kids moved out and you find yourself wandering through empty rooms? Instead of coming up with ideas for spaces you don’t really need—a home gym, media room, or sewing room—consider downsizing to something a little more manageable. Yes, it will be hard to leave the memories of your current house behind, but consider the advantages: less house means less to clean!

The Money Pit

First it’s an electrical issue, then it’s a leaky roof, then you discover termite damage. If you’re suffering through what seems to be a never-ending cycle of costly home repairs, it might be time to sell—not just for the sake of your wallet but also for your stress levels and peace of mind.

Relationship Status

Relationships can be a huge factor in our living arrangements. When you’re getting into or out of a relationship, sometimes a housing change is needed as well. If someone special is moving in and there is just one sink—or if your closet is already crammed with just your clothes—it might be time to upgrade to something that can accommodate both of you.

Deteriorating Neighborhood

Have your once tree-lined streets and manicured yards given way to abandoned buildings and overgrowth? Even worse, are you woken up at night by barking dogs and police sirens? A neighborhood that is obviously moving in the wrong direction is a good reason to seriously consider making a move.


What would selling your home mean for your financial situation? If your mortgage repayments have been paralyzing your quality of life—not to mention the stacks of utility and home repair bills—a move might be a good decision. Conversely, if you’ve been making mortgage payments and investing in home maintenance for years, it might be time to cash in. Either way, selling your home in exchange for a less expensive option might just give you that financial freedom you’ve always wanted.

If you’re thinking about selling your home and would like to talk through these considerations and more, please give me a call.

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