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Jobs in Upstate South Carolina

As more and more businesses come to the area, so do the jobs. In this post I list some of the biggest employers in the Upstate and some resources available to job-seekers.

credit: museumhack.com

credit: museumhack.com

As one of the top realtor agents with Keller Williams Real Estate in the South Carolina Upstate, it’s possible I’m a little biased about all our region has to offer—but still, there’s no denying it. In addition to incredible restaurants, arts and entertainment, and outdoor leisure activities, Upstate South Carolina also enjoys a thriving economy.

The Greenville area is known for its ability to attract both international and domestic companies by providing a pro-business environment and amenities for business growth. For example, the region makes up one of the strongest manufacturing centers in the country. So, whether you’ve got years of experience or are a young professional ready to start your career, you’ll find a variety job opportunities in the Upstate market.

credit: gsabusiness.com

credit: gsabusiness.com

Some of the biggest employers in the Upstate include:

If you’re looking for a job in the Upstate, there are some great resources available to you—from recruiters to online jobs boards. Here are just a few:

Of course, to accommodate the workforce to fill all these great jobs, there is also some top-notch real estate in and around Greenville. As a Keller Williams agent, that’s my specialty.  If you’re looking to relocate to the area, please be in touch. I’d be happy to show you around.

*Source: www.greenvilleeconomicdevelopment.com

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