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Greenville SC: Media Mentions Roundup

Once again, Greenville, SC has been a source of conversation in the media—and for all the right reasons! Check out a few of the top articles that have recently shined a light on our fair city.


Seven city streets worth a trip on their own


“For lots of action within a short one-mile distance, visitors can find 100+ local restaurants as well as boutiques and attractions within one square mile of Main Street. A typical stroll might look like this: artisanal tasting at Dark Corner Distillery or aerial view cocktail at Sip Rooftop Bar, local shopping at Llyn Strong jewelers and J.Britt Boutique, a show at Peace Center for the Performing Arts, and a meal at Soby’s New South Cuisine.”

Read the full story here. 


The Weather Channel

It’s Amazing Out There Spring Tour Journal (Day 2)


“… it’s nice to slow things down to experience some of what Greenville has to offer you ….”

Read the full story here. 


National Life Group

Main Streets Across America


“It wasn’t easy for Greenville to become the fastest-growing city in South Carolina, not to mention one of America’s “Best Downtowns” and “Best Places to Live” … Greenville’s revival owes a lot to the city’s decision to make Main Street an attractively tree-shaded, pedestrian-friendly destination.”

Read the full story here. 



The 25 Best Small US Cities to Spend the Weekend


“Greenville isn’t the most underrated place in South Carolina because we think golf is a little too limiting. It’s just one of those small cities that has everything a big city does, except stuff like stress, traffic, and unreasonable rents.”

Read the full story here. 

In addition to arts, activities and great food, there is also some top-notch real estate in and around Greenville. As a Keller Williams agent, that’s my specialty. If you’re looking to relocate to the area, please be in touch. I’d be happy to show you around.


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