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David has served as both the Chairman of the Training Committee and member of the Agent Leadership Council (ALC) at Keller Williams Greenville SC. One of his passions is training.  He has mentored over 30 agents over the past several years including three recipients of the Rookie of the Year. David is your Greenville SC real estate solution for mentoring and home shopping.


dp-taraAs a “young” (translation “new”) Real Estate Consultant, I was introduced to a man whose passion for teaching and real estate led him to lead, free of charge, mentoring classes at Keller Williams.  I had the honor and privilege of being one of his mentees for six…yes, six…months…over 65+ hours in total (classroom time only), and it has made ALL THE DIFFERENCE (more later).He’s done this four times – that I know of (there might be more) and I have no idea how many mentees there have been in each of those four classes (affectionately called “Painter University”  or PU for short)! Not to mention one-on-one coaching sessions before and after classes…at all hours of day or night!Now, for that Difference, with a capital D:I feel David sitting on my shoulder every time I deal with customers or clients. I remember his words, I am grateful for his insistence that I understand contracts completely, learn techniques and/or practices, and know phrases/scripts he taught me that have and will make a difference in all phases of the real estate transaction.What all this instilled in me was a huge, huge sense of confidence. There is no way to put a price tag on this intangible gift. Since that training, I’ve sought his guidance on many issues. I’ve encouraged him to write a book of scripts because his words have such a way of building partnerships, of making others feel good, of helping you get what you want for your clients, with other agents or with your vendors without putting others down or making them feel bad. What a gift he has!He embodies the philosophies of win-win relationships, integrity, of being creative and putting customers first…and of giving back.You cannot do better having David as your coach, as your teacher…as your advisor…as your friend!” 

…you’re my hero.  Tara Pickens

dp-cyndieYou have given your absolute ALL over and over again.  You are the most selfless and giving person I have ever met.  I hope you know how much you have meant to all of us who have been touched by your kindness, encouragement, your teaching, your time, and most importantly, by your sharing of your life with us.  In my opinion you are not only the ultimate example of the KW culture, but you are the WINNER of any award they could ever offer to any of us.

“THANK YOU” with more gratitude than you will ever know for all you do for each of us.  You are are a shining bright STAR whose beautiful light reaches fartherthan you can imagine.  You are a blessing in my life and a gift for which I amso grateful.  Your life and values are standards to which we should all strive.You exemplify what KW is supposed to be about.  Your support, spirit, care, and kindness means more than you probably will ever realize.  I am very blessed to have you as my mentor and my friend.  God doesn’t make mistakes and He definitely has placed you where you need to be and works great things through you.

“Thank You” for sharing your time and yourself and touching those around you.

Just wanted you to know……..Cyndie G. Harrell

I speak no lie.  There just are no words that can express what David Painter has given me. He’s given me a wealth of invaluable information, all without cost.
Money can’t be winked at.  We all can appreciate that.  We do what we do to be paid.  So for him to give away hundreds of hours to new agents, that statistics
say may not even be here a year from now, is unfathomable.  Why would someone do that??  Compassion.  David is a gentle-hearted compassionate individual.  
So he’s given up his time, and time is money.  But money means nothing, compared with what he truly gives.  David gives his heart, and that is priceless.
   Bea Cosper

I can’t tell you enough how thankful I am for all you have done for me. You have given me a great foundation and a chance to learn from the best. You are truly an amazing person and mentor and I will never forget all the time you have committed in teaching me the real estate business.    Tristan Lynn

I truly don’t know how to express my heartfelt appreciation for all that you have done for me. Your kindness will never be forgotten. God has blessed you with a giving heart and know you have blessed many people through your life. You have truly inspired me with your selflessness and caring spirit.  I hope that one day people will say, “You remind me of David Painter.”    Melissa Holloway

dp-rogerI am not one to carry on and make a fuss like some others, but I do want  you to know that I have been encouraged and motivated a great deal by you and it is more appreciated than you may know.I doubt that you will find me at the point of tears in your office worried about quitting and the money, but my worries exist and doubts do creep into my head.  Without seeking it out or asking for it you lift me up on those days with your positive comments, endless encouragement and definitely your humor.  You may not even know that you are doing it, but you are.  That is a big reason that you are deserving of the awards that you earned (not won) today.  I am not alone (obviously) in these thoughts.  I know a thing or two about leadership and you live it.  No one is perfect, but you have never claimed to be.  In fact, you more often than not own your faults and prove yourself to be inspirational even with them.    Roger Nix 

dp-samAlthough I could never truly repay you for all you’ve given to help me I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you. Someone once said ,”No one ever becomes poor by giving,” well you are a perfect example of that. I’m continually amazed at how much you give so joyfully of your time, energy and money to further other individuals. My hope is to follow your example and one day give back in such big ways as you do. Again, thanks for being there for all of us.   Sam Rosenau

dp-hoaglandI want to sincerely thank you for all the time, friendship, knowledge, advice and encouragement you have shared with me since joining KW. Your commitment to helping others succeed has amazed and inspired me. Thank you so much for demonstrating a win/win attitude in action and selflessly giving to help others.  Your friend,    Mark Hoagland

Thank you so much for investing your time in teaching and mentoring all of us! I learn something in each and every class. You are an inspiration to me and you have helped my self confidence. Thank goodness I chose the best company to go to work for. It’s a shame every company doesn’t share the KW culture.
      Amanda Bentley Hartzell

Thank you does not convey my heart. I will forever be indebted to your investment in my business and personal life. I look forward to a mutual investment into each other. I only hope I can give back a small part.      Brannon Rice

Your words, your wisdom-priceless and sincere. But sharing your time with all of us as we move thru our journey makes you, in my eyes and the eyes of those who have felt your presence, an angel with a light on our path. I, for one, am forever grateful.      Becca Ricshe