403 Woods Lake Rd, Suite 100
Greenville, SC 29607

Preferred Vendors

Name Bruce Owens
Company Bruce Owens
Phone 864-232-5393
Name Mack Taylor
Company Mack Taylor
Phone 680-1863
Name Josh Burton
Company Paragon Appraisals
Mobile 864-360-5564
Name Garry Price
Company Design Elite
Phone 234-7695
Name David Dan
Company Sideline Design
Phone 609-5340
Company Gary Venesky
Mobile 430-8182
Blind Installation
Name Steve Camp
Company Camp Installations
Phone 621-1081
Name Frankie Shivers
Company Ben Construction
Phone 505-8651
Name Roland Bergeron
Company Bergeron
Phone 232-3220
Company Eastergard Builders
Mobile 304-3530
Name Rodney Edwards
Company Edwards Builders
Phone 1-864-268-2099
Name Gus Rubio
Company Gabriel Builders
Phone 1-864-627-1115
Carpet Cleaning
Name Al Rickard
Company Countrywide Chem Dry
Mobile 864-277-3611
Name Rick Hinsley
Company Greenville Chem Dry
Mobile 906-3737
Name Dan
Company Heavens Best
Mobile 864-201-1307
Carpet Stretching
Name Rick Staton
Company Rick Staton
Mobile 864-561-9048
Cleaning Services/Pressure Washing
Name Vicki and Arnie Litchfield
Company Domestech Inc
Phone 864-884-1804
Name Pat Godawa
Company Pat’s Cleaning Services, Inc.
Phone 630-6586
Name George Cothran
Company Superior Cleaning
Mobile 350-1004
Name Cordell Porter
Company Porter&Highley
Phone 1-864-235-5265
Custom Cabinetry
Name Jack Proctor
Company Jack Proctor
Phone 864-269-5261
Mobile 864-414-2964
Debris Removal
Company Ralph Gordon
Mobile 320-2900
Name Brian Detandt
Company Brian Detandt
Phone 444-6513
Name Chris Lesley
Company Chris Lesley
Phone 282-4153
Name Roger Owens
Company Roger Owens
Phone 282-4162
Name Mark Rumsey
Company Mark Rumsey
Phone 864-269-6161
Pager 864-239-9225
Company Tim Bennett
Phone 316-4234
Company Brian Noblet
Phone 915-2517
Faux Painting
Name Gary McInnis
Company Visions of Grandeur
Phone 979-2603
Hardwood Refinishing
Company Albert Hodgins
Phone 525-7290
Name Eastergard HVAC
Company Eastergard HVAC
Phone 235-2935
Name Teddy Gunter
Company Gunter Heating &Air
Phone 1-864-295-1541
Home Inspectors
Company Advantage Inspection
Phone 298-0405
Name Bruce Neely
Company Elite Inspection
Mobile 268-8401
Name Steve Burns
Company Gateway
Phone 906-6217
Mobile 836-3121
Home Warranty
Name Aneha Chenault
Company American Home Shield
Phone 1-800-735-4663
Email anechanault@mindspring.com
Name Drew Scott
Company Allstate Insurance
Phone 864-322-6582
Name Barbie James
Company Anderson Insurance Associates
Phone 864-288-7010
Interior Designer
Company Jessica Achterhuff
Phone 864-246-9889
Mobile 864-525-4001
Invisible Fence
Name Bill Noder
Company Bill Noder
Phone 242-8833
Name Jeremy McClain
Company McClain Landscaping
Phone 864-979-3312
Company Juan Sebastian
Mobile 864-567-6519
Company Scott Jones
Phone 864-200-0761
Mold Remediation
Name Vicki and Arnie Litchfield
Company Air Quality Assurance
Phone 864-884-1804
Name Larry McGriff
Company Green Earth
Toll Free Phone 1-800-833-7952
Company Steamatic
Phone 864-962-5410
Mortgage Consultant
Name Steve Farr
Company Bank of Travelers Rest
Phone 834-9031
Name Bethany Zitlaw
Company Hanover Mortgage
Address 118 S. Pleasantbrg Dr. Greenville SC 29607
Phone 255-5115 112
Mobile 918-2160
Email bzitlaw@hanovermtg.com
Company Two Men and a Truck
Phone 370-1488
Name Jeff Salaita
Company Hilldrup
Phone 417-0788
Company Mary Ann Flemming
Mobile 864-483-3051
Company Miguel Caicedo
Phone 864-609-0800
Name Tim Salle
Company Palmetto Coatings
Phone 834-9923
Planning Commission
Company Preferred Vendor 259
Email www.greenvilleplanning.com
Website http://www.gcgis.org
Name Billy Riner
Company Billy’s Plumbing
Phone 862-1347
Name Ed Salle
Company Ed Salle
Phone 1-864-370-9491
Mobile 1-864-303-8503
Name Larry Mcgriff
Company Green Earth
Phone 1-800-833-7952
Name Tyler Corwin
Company Greenville Radon Specialist
Phone 864-416-1721
Email tyler@greenvilleradonspecialist.com
Name Ralph Quinn
Company Quinn Co
Mobile 864-201-3021
Email inspectorquin@charter.net
Real Estate Attorneys
Name Cam Salle
Company Salle Law Firm
Phone 234-2901
Name Bill Arceneaux
Company Bill Arceneaux
Mobile 979-9834
Name Dennis Armstrong
Company Dennis Armstrong
Mobile 1-864-444-5369
Name Kent Swindal
Company GK Ventures, LLC
Mobile 864-567-9552
Name Jack Howe
Company Jack Howe
Phone 201-9216
Name Richard Sherk
Company Richard Sherk
Phone 1-864-895-0446
Pager 1-864-470-2674
Name Sean Porter
Company Sean Porter
Phone 380-2996
Road and Bridge Dept
Name Jimmy Snyder
Company Jimmy Snyder
Phone 467-7011
Company Bishop Roofing and Siding
Phone 233-5776
Name Jimmy Billings
Company Blue Ridge Security
Phone 888-407-7233
Septic Inspection
Company Dr Flush
Phone 864-295-0232
Septic Install & Repair
Name Tony
Company Advance Septic
Mobile 201-5757
Company KDR
Phone 864-877-9015
Name Robert Arms
Company Metro
Phone 277-4442
Name Joe Thompson
Company Metro
Name Brian Bishop
Company Western Carolina
Phone 299-4020/235
Name Victor
Company DZ Construction
Phone 472-6088
Mobile 431-3881
Structual Engineer
Company Mt Valley Foundation Repair
Phone 292-3510
Name Bill Boone
Company Spectrum Engineering
Mobile 289-0431
Stucco Inspection
Name Tim Bridgeman
Company Advantage
Phone 1-864-592-2445
Name Brian Gosnell
Company Gosnell Surveying
Phone 834-9748
Name Tony Romo
Company Romo Surveying
Phone 295-0460
Mobile 905-6052
Name Dick Williams
Company WR Williams Surveying
Phone 864-834-7955
Termite Control
Company Noahs Pest Control
Phone 1-864-895-1300
Company Caro Tile
Phone 864-297-1496
Company Alan Geer
Mobile 905-3658
Company Clayton Tile
Phone 864-288-6290
Company Tim Zane
Mobile 313-6301
Name Carl
Company Stone Cove
Address 834-0662
Trash Service
Company Ralf Gordon
Phone 320-2900
Company Waste Management
Phone 232-1537
Tree Care/Removal
Name Luther Marchant
Company Schneider’s
Phone 505-3017
Name Ron Garrett
Company Classy Walls
Phone 979-8565
Water Testing
Name John Baker
Company Watertech
Phone 864-288-9843

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