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Q&A with Saleeby Jean

I’m excited to share a discussion I recently had with Dixie Dulin, co-owner of Greenville-based company Saleeby Jean Interiors. Dixie shares some expert insight into easy ways you can update your existing home, or turn a new property into the home of your dreams. Find out more…



Credit: Facebook, Saleeby Jean Interiors

Q. I understand that Saleeby Jean Interiors is relatively new to Greenville. Tell me a little about the company.

A. Saleeby Jean Interiors has been helping clients in Greenville & Chapin, SC with their lighting and wallpaper needs for the past three years. Our company loves going to a client’s house and do a full lighting plan. Out with the old and in with the new!! A new light in a room can give the room and quick and easy update. We work with a dozen wholesalers that provide us a wide variety of lighting options. We also love selecting the perfect wallpaper for as many rooms as possible to add some flair to our clients house.


Q. Spring is finally blooming in Greenville! What are some easy ways homeowners can update their homes for the season without spending a lot of money on redecorating?

A. The two best ways to update your home without spending a ton of money is statement lighting and accent wallpaper walls. Take down one of those old fans and replace it was a new light. The difference is remarkable. Also, for a more cost effective route with wallpaper pick one accent wall and add a eye catching graphic wallpaper to give that boring room a little spice.

Credit: Facebook, Saleeby Jean Interiors


Q. What are some other decorating trends you are seeing in the Greenville housing market?

A. The biggest decorating trend I am seeing in the Greenville housing market is oversized lighting. Mostly found in the kitchen over an island is where you will find these big pendant lights. Two big pendants make more of a statement then three little ones. Going big in the kitchen can create a big wow factor.


Q. What would you say to a client who is thinking about purchasing a home that isn’t quite “perfect”?

A. I would encourage homebuyers to purchase a home with good “bones” and then redecorate/renovate to their specific taste. Good bones are a must and all the decorating just makes it more personalized for the owners. Hiring a decorator is a great idea to make sure you know what to add to the good bones of your house.


Thank you, Saleeby Jean Interiors, for partnering with me for this post. If you are interested in making a move to or within the South Carolina Upstate, give me a call. I’ll be happy to show you what’s available!