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Socially-Distanced Events

We’ve all been practicing social distancing for a while now. Many events and gatherings have been cancelled, and those that are happening look very different than they would have six months ago. Still, though this is our new normal—and as things in Greenville, South Carolina, start to open back up—it’s hard to know what’s safe. Check out a few of the events in the Upstate that are committed to keeping you and your family safe.


Yard Work Art Exhibition

Yard Work is a socially-distanced art exhibition presented by Tiger Strikes Asteroid. Works are installed on porches, lawns, balconies, mailboxes, and exterior walls. With a map guiding their tour, people can walk, bike or drive to see each installation. Yard Work aims to share art while practicing responsible citizenship, specifically social distancing.

Find out more here.


Friday Starry Nights

This is one of the last days of Friday Starry Nights at Roper Mountain Center. It ends July 17. There are shows at 6pm and 8pm, and your kids will love the 360° full immersion dome, 4K projection, state-of-the-art lighting, and surround sound. Specific guidelines have been set up to help protect you and your family from COVID-19 during this event.

View those COVID guidelines and find out more here.



TD Essential Market Presented by Prisma Health

The Saturday morning Downtown markets started back on June 6 with the following recommendations: make a shopping list ahead of time, bring reusable bags, wear a face covering, and obviously stay home if you’ve been exposed to someone who is sick! Additionally, while shopping at the market, please maintain at least 6 feet of social distancing from others, wash your hands with soap and water at the handwashing stations, shop as quickly and efficiently as possible to make space for others, and use a credit card or exact change when possible. Also, please shop with your eyes only and allow only vendors to handle items.

Find out more here.


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