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Summer Vibes for Your Home

Summer is the prefect time to add some brightness, color and fun to your home décor. Check out some of the latest trends from Pinterest for inspiration on how to make your home the idyllic summer refuge for you and your family.


Gingham Fabric

Credit: www.onsuttonplace.com


Bold Wallpaper

Credit: www.onekingslane.com


Outdoor String Lights

Credit: livvyland.com


Unexpected Pops of Color

Credit: houseofturquoise.com


Do you know the best part of all these ideas? They are relatively inexpensive to do! Depending on how “handy” you are, you could probably do most of them yourself.

So this summer, I encourage you to have fun with your home! Experiment. Do something a little different, that’s out of your comfort zone. You might just love it.

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