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“The Greenville to end all Greenvilles”

Greenville, South Carolina has been a popular topic of conversation in the media for quite a while now. But recently, two New York-based publications jumped on board with media coverage that reinforces our place on the national—if not global—travel stage.

Check out our latest accolade from The New York Times, and what New York Post had to say about our “famous” city.

“There are 33 Greenvilles in America, give or take, but the one in South Carolina has far and away received the most media attention of late … It’s the Greenville to end all Greenvilles — which is an amazing feat, considering not more than a decade ago its streets were too dangerous to walk at night.”


Credit: VisitGreenvilleSC

This excerpt was published in a January 10, 2017 article by New York Post titled “This surprising Deep South town is shedding its gritty past.” 

In addition to discussing Greenville, SC’s transformation over recent years, the article goes on to recommending “must see” sites, shops and restaurants in the area, including Flour Field, Poppington’s Gourmet Popcorn, American Grocery, and Tandem Creperie in Traveler’s Rest.

Greenville, SC

Credit: The New York Times

Perhaps an even more impressive media mention, however, was Greenville’s inclusion in The New York Times Travel list of “52 Places to Go in 2017.” Coming in at number 12, here’s what they had to say about our city:

“Though small, Greenville, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, may be the next major food destination, with four big openings: Husk from Sean Brock, the Kitchen by Wolfgang Puck, Jianna from Michael Kramer and the speakeasy Vault & Vator. Before feasting, enjoy the city’s many public art works along the tree-lined streets, or grab a pour over at Methodical Coffee en route to biking the 21-mile Swamp Rabbit Trail.”

It’s clear that Greenville has secured it’s spot as both a travel and food destination. Now, what’s next for our fair city? Only time will tell—but think about securing yourself a front-row seat for the show. Real estate in the Upstate is hot, and I can help you navigate the inferno to find just what you’re looking for. I hope you’ll be in touch!


*Sources: http://nypost.com/2017/01/10/this-surprising-deep-south-town-is-shedding-its-gritty-past/, http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/travel/places-to-visit.html

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