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What Can Greenville Look Forward to in 2017?

It’s undeniable that our city has changed drastically in recent years – and it continues to grow, develop and prosper. So what can Greenville look forward to in 2017?



Credit: greenvillesc.gov

Credit: greenvillesc.gov

More Tourism

Greenville, SC was recently listed in an article from The Wall Street Journal titled “Buzzy Destinations that are Newly Accessible.” The Upstate continues to hold a place as a popular new tourist destination.

The WSJ article reads: “The stars have aligned to make this Southern belle, in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Dream Town, USA…”

Expectation for 2017: Tourists will take the advice of the many travel sources that have added Greenville, SC to their lists of “must-visit” locations.

(Source: http://www.visitgreenvillesc.com/includes/content/docs/media/WSJ-10.26.16.pdf)


More Restaurants

Credit: husknashville.com

Credit: husknashville.com

Greenville’s food scene will continue to grow in 2017 with the arrival of award-winning restaurant Husk to the West End. With locations in Charleston and Nashville, Husk has consistently been on the “best of” lists – and Greenvillians should expect no less of its new location in the Upstate.

Expectation for 2017: As Greenville continues to gain notoriety as an up-and-coming food scene, we’ll see even more quality and diverse restaurants make their way to the area.


Credit: foxcarolina.com

Credit: foxcarolina.com

More Job Opportunities

Anyone Home Inc. is a contact center for the single-family home housing market, and it’s launching new operations in Greenville. Company officials report that the project is expected to bring $1.1 million in new capital investments and create 570 new jobs over the next five years.

Expectation for 2017: More companies like Anyone Home Inc. will join the likes of BMW, Michelin, GE, Flour and Bausch & Lomb – all of which have found a home in the Upstate.

(Source: http://www.wyff4.com/article/500-jobs-coming-to-greenville-county/7024047)


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